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Health Coverage That Works for Business

Do you understand the PPACA law? Unless you work at an insurance company, the answer is probably, “No.” But as a business owner, you’re expected to grasp the implications of one of the most complex regulatory systems in existence—or face the consequences. Making the wrong decisions about group health plans can be very costly.

Fortunately, accessing expert advice to make the right decisions costs nothing. We can assist you in selecting the right plan for your company to maximize benefits and minimize expenses. Or, we could get you out of the health insurance business altogether by helping employees obtain excellent coverage independently. Either way, everyone wins.

Let’s Review Your Options

  • Depending on your company size, your budget, and your workforce, there are a number of choices available.
  • Group plans (Fully Insured, Medically and Non-Medically Underwritten)
  • Self-funded, Level-funded, combined with Stop-Loss Insurance
  • Individual Options On and Off Marketplace (HRA’s, Cafeteria Plans, HSA’s)
  • SHOP Marketplace
  • Dental, Vision, Life, Disability, Accident, critical Illness

With the right blend of products, we help clients achieve dramatic reductions in costs and offer better coverage to employees. (We will insert a link to an example here.)

What Does the Process Involve?

We tailor the consultation approach to your organization’s needs. Examples include:

  • Meeting with business owners and benefits managers
  • Presenting educational talks, (typically a 15 minute presentation plus time for Q&A)
  • Offering enrollment assistance, (helping everyone get signed up during open enrollment or when a qualifying event occurs)
  • Providing one-on-one consultations with employees and their families
  • Generating health insurance quotes for businesses and employees

Typically, there is an information-gathering stage, an analysis stage, and a decision-making stage. We keep this process as streamlined as possible to respect your time. Consultations are available in-person for local businesses and by phone or Skype for clients across the United States.

Get Assistance That Makes a Difference

Assessing healthcare plans is a time consuming process. Now, you will spend less time on research and end up making more-informed decisions. With appropriate advice, your company can ensure compliance and reduce the risk of fines or penalties.

We search diligently to discover ways to dramatically reduce premiums—while providing better health coverage for your workforce. This outcome is good for business and good for morale. Since we work with companies and individuals, it’s also possible to add value by reaching underserved worker populations such as part-time and contract employees.

Sean was able to help our company navigate the difficult implementation of our health insurance plan and gave us options we didn’t even know existed.

Dave Ellison

HR Director, Yellow Frog Media

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  • If you don’t fully understand the health plan your company currently offers, you may be missing out on significant savings
  • All our services are provided at no cost to you or your employees.
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